The Time Fountain

This is a video of the “Time Fountain” I built with my friend Aarron D’mello for our grade 12 Physics Fair project.

The Time Fountain uses an array of ultraviolet LEDs to make a drop of aqueous sodium fluorescein  fluoresce (glow). These LEDs are strobed rapidly in sync with the drop frequency, this creates the effect of a drop caught in time. If you offset this frequency slightly you can produce the effect of slowing down time or even reversing time.

The video below shows the “stopped time” effect, the “slow motion” effect and the “reverse time” effect. Due to the strobing lights the video did not come out that well but the effect was amazing in real life and resulted in the first 100% grade given in the history of the Physics Fair.

[youtube clip=”mXoRwkhPIo8″]